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John Patriquin Woodworking was established in 1986 by third-generation craftsman John Patriquin. He designs and makes fine built-in cabinetry and handcrafted furniture for the private residence, corporate office, and university setting. His clients include top-tier architectural firms and interior designers, reputable high-end residential builders, and individual clientele of discerning taste in and around Boston, New York and the Berkshires.

John felt his existing logo no longer accurately reflected who he is and what he does and really wanted to make it a more “polished mark” with a new color palette. We also chose to explore the use of a tagline that further elaborates on what type of woodworking he specializes in. We landed on a modern interpretation of wood grain for our mark that is elegant and sophisticated.

Patriquin Woodworking Logo

November 1, 2014


Patriquin Woodworking


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