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Hoosac Valley High School Pathways billboard

Our client, the Hoosac Valley Regional School District, was recently designated an “Innovations Pathway High School” by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As such, they will be receiving resources from the state to plan and support creative scheduling, course development, and internship opportunities for their students. And so they have developed seven educational/career Pathways to engage students and to challenge them to participate in experiential learning outside the classroom.

We were tasked with getting the word out about these Pathways, primarily through a billboard campaign (there are 2 in Berkshire County) to drive traffic to the website where they can learn more.

The challenge with billboards is, of course, the limitations surrounding how much information (think words and pictures) one is able to reasonably digest in the 5-10 seconds while driving by. As a result, including titles for seven pathways wasn’t an option – also because the text needs to meet a minimum height in order to be visible at a distance and that means there also just wasn’t enough space. Instead, we chose to develop clear, simplified icons to represent each of the Pathways. We anticipated this would spark curiosity..and apparently, it has!

Once visitors reach the website they are then directed to “Click to learn more”, which takes them to the Pathways page we developed to provide detailed information on all seven Pathways.

Read more about how the billboards sparked curiosity in this iBerkshires article.


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